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God’s Plan For Rags Girls: Swaroopa Grace

God’s Plan For Rags Girls: Swaroopa GraceIn 2014 I received one gift of DFG(Days for girls) kit from Sis.Marsha Moens through my brother Jeevan. My brother also brought one electric sewing machine, I tried to sew one sample kit, I started developing interest in sewing kits to gift my friends and family.

One day when I went to Sunday school, suddenly one girl (Bujji)ran to me and cried that she wanted to meet me before commiting suicide due to their family for 3days. That was the first time we met personally and prayed, that day she received Jesus Christ. Through her God has touched my heart and spoke to me very clearly to start bringing girls to Jesus.

In the month of October i prayed with my team of girls (from the age of 8-17) and God has spoken to me through Luke4:18-19,I kept on asking to show us the way to reach girls in the villages, so DFG kit is the tool that we have been using to reach women in villages. Jeevan has encouraged me and with prayers he has been sending the materials and money to help out girls. This is how the Rags Girls is formed.

DFG Camps

This is how the Rags girls team is working

My family stood by me and gave me all the freedom to build this vision, Jeevan helped us to buy 2 sewing machines to sew the kits, and sent some notes on how to sew the DFG kits.

Then I took a first step to conduct DFG camp at Rock AG church in Nandigama with around 90 girls, Distributed 87kits.With that inspiration by 2015 we have reached 41 teenage girls in the whole village Ponnavaram.39 girls were received Jesus Christ. Then we have moved to another village called Hanumanthapalem, there 7 teenage girls were accepted Jesus as their Savior. With my girls team of 7 members used to go to these villages to spend time with them in prayer and building relationships personally. Their stories moved us into tears.

So one day we went to river side in the afternoon and cried out God to give us work and fill our pockets. We have started praying for the jobs. During Christmas season in 2015 God has taken us to one blind school in Kakinada through Govardhan. There we distributed 21 kits. By 2015 Christmas we have got sewing machines through Jeevan and His team from Canada but we were not paid for the work, we were doing voluntary work.

2016 January we went to Kollikulla school to conduct DFG camp, distributed 37 kits. 2017, august we had been to another school at Thakkellapadu along with the medical team of Dr. Kiruba as we were conducting medical camps from 2014. We have been able to reach some more in Rajahmundry and Tirupaty.



Within the 2 years, God has answered our prayers for jobs. Jeevan had come up with sewing project in 2017 June. 10 members of girls from Ponnavaram, Hanumanthapalem and Nandigama were recruited by the September of 2017 using 5 general and 1 zig zag and 1 over lock machines.

Among the 10 members, 3 girls were remained as Leaders at present and also doing girls ministry in my absence . This company was named as DOVE. Again we have started praying for more workers and for the big factory. Within a year we have heard the news of Textile industry is going to come.

Plan For the Coming Years :

Through this factory I want to make at least 100 kits per month Within 5 years Conduct monthly Dfg camps around India Raise Girls leaders in the church Start 2 more sewing centers in Tirupathi, Rajahmundry, reach out new villages and win souls Gather all the girls at one center and have one day entertainment camps (for every 3 months) Through this factory we can make monthly kits if we can spend one day and if we can have regular bulk supply of materials. With the kits we can target and conduct camps and raise leaders in the main cities around India from there we can reach villages within the 5 years. Finally we can have DFG main office in India too.


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